Amendment 19

The Right for american women to vote
By Casey c.

Young girls at an American suffrage meeting c.1920

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  • The 19th amendment gave all Americans the right to not be denied by the government to vote on account of your sex.
  • This amendment was wanted by suffergates such as Susan B. Anthony, who wanted the same voting rights as men. This right would give them a say in how their country and their live would be run.
  • So finally after years of protesting, the 19th amendment was ratified on May 19, 1919.
  • After this ratifacation, women began to take a more prominent role in American jobs and politics, and African Americans started to campaign for their rights as equal Americans.

In the Beginning

We may take voting for granted today, but 100 years ago, only white, land owning men could vote. Despite doing most of the work at home, women were denied many rights because of a society were men made all of the decisions. But  women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabet Stanton decided that it was time for society to change, where women were as equal as men.

Sufferage Protests

  • Beginning in 1878, tens of thousands of American women campaigned for their right to vote.
  • Some pursued a strategy of passing suffrage acts in each state--nine western states adopted woman suffrage legislation by 1912. Some also challenged male-only voting laws in the courts.
  • Militant suffragists used more public tactics such as parades, silent vigils, and hunger strikes. Often supporters met fierce resistance. The suffergates were often jailed, heckled, and sometimes physically attacked by opponents.

Equality Nears

  • By 1918, suffergates united behind the goal of a constitutional amendment. In 1917, New York adopted woman sufferage and President Wilson, who was a strong opponent of suffrage, changed his view on the subject.
  • The final hurdle for suffergates was to get three fourths of the states to pass the amendment.
  • On August 18, 1920, Tennesse became the 36th state to ratify the amendment, and thus the 19th amendment was created.

The End

After years of fighting for voting equality, women had finally won the battle. But it would still take many years before they got equal opportunities for jobs. As for African Americans, it would take another 44 years before they could vote equally.

Two of the leading suffergates; Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Women's Suffrage Rally
Rosie the Riveter

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