VB- Abhi Timbawala p.6

Visual Basic

Chapter 3


Set up your school google email account.

Your user name is your long id The temporary password is your birthdate. Example if your birthdate is January 1, 2000, Your pw would be 010100.

After you have set up your email account, go to the Tackk website at and set up a free account.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences:

1. Describe what you have learned in Chapter 3. Sentence starter: In Chapter 3 I learned …

In chapter 3 I learned how to use variables instead of numbers in my code, learned how to label, and learned different methods and formats.

2. Select one of the labs from Chapter 3. Include a screen shot of both the code and output and explain how that lab demonstrates what you have learned. Sentence starter: This lab shows that I learned

In this lab we learned how to use code and learned how DIM statements work and how we put them together using variables. We pretty much translated a word sentence to a code statement using dim and “as”.

3. Describe:

a) something that was difficult from this chapter Sentence starter: Something that was difficult from this chapter was … Something that was difficult in this chapter was how to replace some of the numeric code with variables and how to use some coded methods and statements repeatedly. Also it was difficult to solve some of the commission and name solution codes.

b) how you worked through it Sentence starter: How I worked through it was …

How I worked through it was by using problem solving skills and worked backwards. Instead of doing some of the coding over and over I just kept the numeric coding and replaced the others with variables..

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