Weekend Informer official channel

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Our season continues broadcasts, and this weekend, Lord Kirk is back on our official channel on Friday evening from 21h BST. As always, Kirk will talk about RuneScape old and will do some singing for your enjoyment.

It is the turn of MotursRS to his first steps on Twitch. Find on Saturday night in the dungeon of the war of the gods but also in many mini-games including Castle Wars and Sanitation. It may also offer you one or two prizes!

And last weekend, find Mod Dean in the second episode of his quest chitinous arms. RuneScape He knows better than anyone, and this is even more funny to see her get excited to screen while starting from scratch. Mod Dean chomping at the bit, then join it from 21h BST on Sunday night.

If you want to suggest a guest or suggest an idea of diffusion, please send us an email at livestream@jagex.com .


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