Mandy Vang

Welcome To Canada

Canada has territories & provinces, instead of states. In Canada, there is a lot of physical geography. Many of those physical geography is a great place to take pictures, or doing other things like hiking. For example, Lake Moraine is a great place to take pictures & you can go hiking nearby, since there is some mountains around.

Canada's Immigrants

The first Canadians are the First Nations. They are descendants of the first settlers of North America, which are Native people. In the 1600s, British & French settlers immigrated to Canada. Later, many immigrants came from around the world to Canada. Some Canadians had kept traditions and languages from their homeland. Canada supported these groups by adopting an official policy of Multiculturalism. It is about accepting many cultures in Canada.

Canada's Government

Canada's government is a Constitutional Monarchy. Its constitution explains the power of the governments and owes allegiance to the King or Queen. The government contains the legislative & judicial branches. The legislative branch also contains the executive branch within. Canada's legislative is called Parliament. It has the House of Commons & the Senate. Canada's Head of State is the monarch & the Head of Government is the Prime Minister.

Canada's Economy

Canada is rich in natural resources. Canada is covered in forests, prairies, rich farmlands, & is surrounded by water. Canada's work force is important to its economy. Canada has four types of industry. Since WWII, Canada has shifted from a mostly rural economy to a major industrial & urban economy. Transportation is a major Canadian industry. Canada's geography helps hinders transportation. Canada has natural Transportation Corridors & also Transportation Barriers. Corridors are paths that makes movement easier. Barriers slows down or block movement.

Canada's Multicultural Society

Canada's National sport is hockey. From 1994 to 2000, the United Nations rated Canada the best of 175 countries in a survey that examines the health, education, & wealth of each country 's citizens. Canadians still seek a National Identity. It is a feeling of belonging to a nation. Many people in Canada are Bilingual. It means that they speak more than one language.Canada's official languages are English and French.Canada has rich traditions in art. There is many religion & people are free to worship as they choose. Culture regions exist in different parts of Canada.

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