Tiffany Dinh

1st period

September 16, 2014

My Rockin' Summer
Tiffany's Paridise


          My summer was awesome! I had loads of fun and got to see my entire family for a week! My family and I went to Port Aransas, Texas for our vacation. Our beach house had a little bridge so we could walk to the beach. When we got there, lunch was going to be served! We had the choice of eating Raman Noddles or rice with boiled vegetables. The food was really good and made me fell like i was at home!

          After eating, I unloaded all my stuff. I brought a lot of technology with me. I brought 4 Nintendos, 3 iPads, and a tablet. My cousins also brought their iPads, so that meant we could play Minecraft together. I went ahead and charged everything so I could play at night and then went up to the balcony. There were wooden chairs and wooden benches to sit on. It felt so good outside, that you could feel the warm sun on your skin and the little sea wind pass your face.

          We got to go to the beach everyday and I would be surfing the entire time. It was so cool when I saw all the little fish swimming in the water. My dad brought his fishing kit with him and brang back a full cooler of fish. My aunts would fry it or turn it into soup! The food would be fresh from the sea. When we left, I got sad, but remembered all the fun I had.

Favorite Things

*Song: Cool Kids
*Place to Be: On the balcony
*Daily Activity: Surfing

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