Gangs. Is it safe for long?

By  Michael


Did you know that there are over 30 gangs in Houston? That's a lot of gangs! Today I will explain why gang induced violence is illegal, and some interesting facts will be in this report. How bad is it? How much ¨heat¨ is there? Time to find out.

Why are gangs so bad to some people?

Flaming bottles. Guns. Hand signs. These are just examples of what most gangs do. Student's aren't aware of how many people are killed daily all over the world. Luckily, Houston is not as bad as any others. Rio has it sorta bad. Mexico is a drug dealing kingpin. There are many other bad country's all because of gangs.

Wait, what should i do?

You shouldn't be afraid to travel. Gangs may be bad, but it's unlikely you will get hurt and/or killed. If you know a friend that's in a gang however, your life may be in risk! If there is any gang violence u see, call 911.

10 Facts!

1: there are over 30 gangs in Houston.

2: it is unlikely that gangs will hurt/kill you unless provoked.

3: most gangs have gang signs or grafitti.

4: all gangs have a specific color.

5: most gangs have guns.

6: some gangs have drug trafficking.

7: it is most likely that gang members drop out.

8: gangs rob, steal and kill.

9: pistols, drugs, and violence is mostly gangs

10: the real reason why people join gangs is because 'respect'



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