Examples of Satire

By Karen Lee

Satire in Wall-E

In Wall-E, exaggeration is used to show the uncountable amount of trash stacked like buildings. The speaker uses exaggeration to show the audience how earth will turn out to be if the world continues to abuse the environment.

Satire in Shrek

In Shrek, reversal is used. The fact that the hero to the rescue of the princess is an ogre, not a knight in a shining armor on a white horse, makes the story of Shrek different from thr majority of other fairy tales.

Satire in Pepsi

The drawing on the right uses parody of the Pepsi logo. The creator uses parody to make fun of Pepsi, how drinking too much will result in the consumer being overweight, due to the high amounts of sugar in the drink.

Satire in Wall-E

In Wall-E, incongruity is used to show the green plant that grew in the polluted world. The speaker sends the message that we should not abuse the earth or give up on it.

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