1-When i was five year, i used to like the big dolls because i didn't have brothers but i played with my cousins. Now, i have two brother, Fernanda is ten year and Alessandro is seven year. They play individually in the computer or the cell phone. It seems like that in this century the children don't communicate directly but virtually. I think that the technology is good but is more important relate and make ties of coexistence. My parents have decided to take a moment the weekend for disconnect of technology to talk, play and have fun in family.

2-When I was seven year, I used to go to the beach with my mother and my babysitting every summer, the favorite beach was "San Bartolo" or "Punta Hermosa".

Definitely, I think that the kids should have a good moment with the family because this creates a direct link and this helps to socialize .

Also, the beaches were cleaner but if you ask me in the actuality, I think that the people don’t have awareness of the environment.

3-When I was eight years, my uncle Johnny used to travel in the country because he was photographer and he used to take lots  of   pictures in various parts of   Peru and I always accompany in my vacation of school. In the photo, I'm in gazebo yanahuara in Arequipa. I traveled to Piura, Arequipa, Chiclayo, Trujillo...

I liked seeing new places. I think that the children should know our culture, our land and the wonders in peru with your family in the holiday.

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