When I walk inside my house I smell a cinnamon candle.My family loves the cinnamon smell during this season, it just ties up with all the others smells.

When I walk outside I see jack o' lanterns sitting on people's porches getting ready for the upcoming holiday, I also see red,orange,yellow,and some brown leaves gently moving with the wind and then they softly fall to the ground.

As I walk I feel a soft breeze in my face,It feels good not to cold, just right.I also feel the crunch under my feet as I walk on the red,orange,yellow,and brown leaves,I feel very calm in this season.

In this season I like to eat,Cherry Cream pie,Pumpkin Pie,and regular pie I also like to eat turkey I love it when is's juicy from all the seasonings and I like to eat stuffing and potato salad,green beans,and bread, but best of all all the CANDY!!!!!!

- Chloe Bentley    

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