Watch your back, just sayin.

No personal info.

1.Never give out personal information, like cell phone number or address.

Someone can get in your stuff and text your friends bad things and they might think it was you who said it.

Some unknown person can go to your house and steal stuff from there or hurt you if you give out info or address.

Unknown number.

2.If some unknown number texts you or calls, you don't answer back.

Don't open it delete it.

Tell parent or an adult.

People you do know.

3.Only add friends you know online.

You might have posted that your going out of town.

They can do a lot of bad stuff while your gone like hack in your stuff at home or steal.

Parent go first not picture.

4.Check with your parents before you post pictures or videos of others or of yourself online.

Someone can take fake pictures and say that, that was you.

Your friend might get hurt because they might not have liked that picture and maybe inappropriate.


5.Never download software or sites.

Ask parent or an adult.

Might have a virus.

                                                                                                                Heidy Saray Vasquez

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