Animal: Beluga Whale
By: Grayson Davidson

Appearance of the Animal:

The beluga whale is one of the smallest whales there are. They are toothed whales. They are about 13 to 20 feet long. Their distinctive color and their prominent foreheads make them indentifiable.

This animal's habitat:

this whale lives in the ocean.

Where in the world does this animal live?

The beluga whale lives in the south Atlantic Ocean.

What is this animal's prey?

Belugas eat stuff like fish crustaceans and worms.

Who or what are this animal's predators?

They are hunted by people of the artic and have been over hunted by commercial fisheries

An interesting fact about this animal:

They live for more than 35 to 50 years!

Another interesting fact about this animal:

The scientific name is...delphinapterus Lecus!

Another interesting fact about this animal:

Belugas are mammals and carnivores because they like to eat meat!