How Running Effects Ones Body

By: Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis

Mr. Clark

English IV Honors


NCGP Product Checklist

    1. Complete Product Approval Form.

    2. Get a parent to sign Product Approval Form

    3. Email Coach Winham and Mrs. Amy to ask if I can interview them

    4. Write out my interview questions

    5. Interview Coach Winham and Mrs. Amy

    6. Take a video of Coach winham and Mrs. Amy running

    7. Compare there age and how it affected them differently

    8. Compare running posture

    9. Take pictures of there posture

    10. Post all of my work and information to

Possible Interview Question's

    1. At what age did you start to run long distance?

    2. When you first started to run how far did you run?

    3. What’s the farthest you have ever run?

    4. Did you ever run competitively?

    5. What events did you run?

    6. What was your best time running a 5k (3.1 miles)?

    7. Why did you start running?

    8. Is running therapeutic to you? And if so, why?

    9. If any, what sports did you participate in high school? College?

    10. What was you’re favorite event in track?

    11. Any major injuries from running? (If so what)

    12. At what age did you start to fall behind in running?

    13. What did you notice was changing as you aged as it relates to running?

    14. Do you still exercise?

    15. How often do you exercise and what do you do?

    16. How is it different exercising now that you’re older? What has changed?

    17. Do you have any major problems with exercising or running now that you’re older?

    18. At what point in your life were you most successful as you competed in running?

    19. How has running benefited you?

20. Do you still have the same passion for running as you did when you were younger?

The following are audio recordings of the interviews I conducted. To listen to them, download the files and they will play in iTunes.

The picture below is the signature of the Male and Females I interviewed.

The following are videos of two young female runners and one older male runner I found at the YMCA who workout daily.

If you look at the videos of the runners notice how the postures and speed of the runner changes. The young females have a much better posture and speed. The older runner was in great shape for his age but he still had some posture issues and his speed was not as fast as the younger runners. I came to find out that age is a big influence in the way your body is able to exercise.

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