Madeline Garrett

Photography Portfolio

New Life

I like this photo from our nature project because of the colors and textures it embodies.

Stairway to Somewhere

I shot this at Woodway Park down by the beach area. I find it interesting because of the mysterious feel it has.

Sunlight, Oh Sunlight

I took this picture simply because the lighting was PERFECT at the moment, just peeking through the branches. This picture feels so whimsical.

role model a.k.a. mommy

I love my mommy and so therefore I took this picture for my portraits project.

Holding On

I titled this photo "Holding On" because as soon as I took the picture the wind picked up and the dandelion seeds all blew off into the distance.

summer skys

I took this picture when I was at the Arboretum. Flowers make me so happy so I'm really excited this photo turned out fairly well.

What's up, Buttercup?

I shot this photo for our photo essay assignment and I love all the wrinkly texture of the flowers in the background.

stand tall

The vibrant purple hue of this flower caught my eye one day as I was enjoying nature. I like the height of the flower because it makes it stand out from a lot of other ones.

So Studious

I shot this in the on-campus studio for our portrait project. Model Kathryn Bell happens to be a good friend of mine and I enjoyed working with her.

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I enjoy roses for the romantic mindset they can put any girl in. They embody simplistic beauty and the light in this picture emphasizes that soft, sweet feel that roses create.

wild and free

I shot these wildflowers at Whitehall Park in Woodway, TX for our photo essay project. Wildflowers tend to remind me of myself.

Dandelion Fun

I love this photo because it was my first successful merger to take. I used this in our nature assignment this year and to this day it is still one of my favorite pictures.

add a little flair

I titled this "add a little flair" because these flowers somehow remind me of Spanish dancers. Their red hot color makes me think if they were a person, they'd be fiesty and fierce

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