Creating a Caring Classroom

By: Sayda Alvarado

Positive Relationships

Showing interest in your students makes students feel value.

It begins with:

  • Learning students' names and more about their lives.
  • Greet them at the door every morning with a handshake, eye contact, a smile,          and a "Good morning, (first name)."
  • Celebrate their achievements with them privately.
  • Regularly say these words out loud to the kids, as cheesy as they may sound: "I like you," "I'm glad you're here," "I'm so happy you're part of our class," "It's great to see you today," "I care about you," "I want to help you succeed."


Not only students, but also teachers must show respect in a classroom.                   Examples include :

  • Try to say only positive things about people.
  • Stop students from gossiping about other students.
  • Try to make all your students feel like they are an integral part of the class.
  • Try to say please and thank you when making requests
  • Try to be consistent with your rules. An example would be: if Johnny can't wear his bandana, Sally can't either

Student Involvement

It is to create an environment in which all participants have the opportunity to learn and in which the class explores issues and ideas in depth, from a variety of viewpoints

Examples include:

  • Hands-On Is A Plus                                                                                                        When students can be involved in hands-on learning, teachers will be able to          keep their interest.
  • Give Students Empowerment                                                                                                    Children need to be given responsibility. Children need to understand having          roles is a good representation of what will happen in the real world when co-            workers must work together.
  • Let Children Be Problem-Solvers                                                                                                Present a problem to students and let them run with it. Allow children to look        at a topic from many different angles, do their own research and come up with        various solutions.

Class identity

A sense of community depends on students seeing themselves as a group. This is very much like a sports teams. Encouragement from the teacher helps connections grow. Classroom routines, traditions, and whole experiences help strengthen these bonds.

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