Mobile Learning Apps


MathBoard is an iTunes app that implements mathematical drills and equations for students. It's use goes beyond simple equations as it can provide a variation of features such as quizzes, MC and fill-in-the-blank questions, limited number display, and much more. This app would be ideal for a teacher who struggles to reach out to all math-struggling students. The customization features really allow a teacher and student to set the difficulty level to the appropriate developmental level for that particular student e.g. a more advanced student could set double digit equations.

History: Maps of the World is an interactive iPhone/iPad app that integrates world history into geographical boundaries. It doubles as a history and geography app. One useful feature is that it can certainly be used as a self-assessment for students to test their knowledge of capitals, provinces, states, territories, etc. It also provides in-depth historical information on geographical locations which could certainly be helpful for students writing history papers as well as collaborative geographical projects e.g. a presentation on the province of Alberta.

Evernote is a mobile app that allows students to keep track of important events and information. Essentially, it's a reminder app. Where Evernote shines is in it's collaborate use of sharing, using, and syncing of files. This could be especially useful in group projects. It also allows students to sync information across devices. A student can organize, email, and share notes, pictures, and information with other students

Pocket Body Lite is a mobile/tablet app that provides an intuitive overview into musculoskeletal, neurovascular & internal organ content. This app is an asset for any instructors of biology and health. It could help students study for possible biology exams as well as provide useful information in potential health/anatomical projects.

Pocket is a mobile/tablet app that allows students to store useful articles/information for reading at a more convenient time. This particular could be especially useful for students assembling information for a project or paper. It allows students to allocate all potentially useful resources into one space as opposed to always having to use, open, and minimize browsers.

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