Educational Pursuit - With Habiba Abubakar

Habiba Abubakar is a highly dedicated property management professional and renowned and highly esteemed philanthropist. Having earned her wealth from hard work in her field, she understands the value of a quality education. The great success that she has achieved is a direct result of her commitment and focus to ensuring that her goals become actualized, time and time again. A highly independent individual, she is also known for having a 'heart of gold' by those who are aware of her many selfless deeds of altruism.

She is the owner and founder of one of the most significant charities in West Africa – the Foundation for the Elderly and the Poor, or, EAP Foundation. Founded by Habiba Abubakar in 2006, the EAP Foundation provides a variety of services to the underprivileged and under-served communities of the country of Nigeria. The nonprofit NGO was created to be an independent and highly effective privately run charitable organization.

Habiba Abubakar's decision to not accept or solicit donations has allowed the EAP Foundation to do the most good possible while not being at risk of influence by corruption as a result of financial dependency. One of the major tenants of the EAP Foundation's mission is to help children of poor families afford college or university tuition. The foundation has provided many brilliant young people with scholarships for tuition at institutions of higher learning.

Habiba Abubakar, who is originally from a royal family in Northern Nigeria, has garnered her wealth independently.

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