Cooking Tempura from ZERO

The invitation to the special tour in Akita!

What is the target?

We aim to eat yummy Tempura(おいしい天ぷら) in Akita!


Happo cho (八峰町) which is famous for the world natural heritage, Shirakami mountains(白神山地) .

How to get good tempura?

We will fish!! We will make a team of 2 people, and each team has 1 fishing pole and other equipment! All fish we get will be cooked Tempura on the beach!! Also the team which get the biggest fish will get the special price from local people^^


Date: 20th of Sep. 2014

08:00 Meet at Akita st. (East gate)

08:30 Meet at Akita International University (in front of ONE)        

10:00 Arrive at Shirataku Shrine(白瀑神社). We pray for the safety.

10:30 Start Fishing^^      

12:30 Start the lunch^^ (Tempura, Fisherman soup, Onigiri and more!!)

15:00 Onsen time^^

16:30 Leave Onsen.

18:00 Arrive at Akita International University (in front of ONE)

18:30 Arrive at Akita st. (East gate)

The price is ¥3,700

including transportation, fishing kits rental, lunch, insurance.

※Onsen fee is not included. If you want to take onsen, you will pay 500 yen to the onsen.

Reservation HERE!!

Only 40 seats we have! If you have friends who may be interested in, please share it quickly!!

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