By: PJ

The male hippo is called a Bull, and the female hippo is called a Cow. This is funny because they are extremely different from cows. Bulls are about the height of a washing machine and the length of a couch. Cows on the other hand are about the same height and length. Hippos can weigh more than a big truck. As you can see hippos are very large animals.

Hippos are meant to live in water. Their body is barrel shaped and they have short stocky legs. Hippos have 4 toes that are webbed so they can move in the water easier. They have 42-44 teeth and tusks that are only used for protection. The Hippos ears, eyes, and nose are all level on the top of a hippos head. This is so they can be completely underwater and still breath, hear, and see.

Hippos are very unique animals. This is because they have almost no hair on their bodies. A cool fact is that they are the third largest land mammal. Their skin is very delicate and sensitive so they sweat a reddish oil to protect their skin. Also, if a hippo is out in the sun for too long they get dehydrated. As you can see hippos have very unique skin.

Hippos have to live in shallow water with a smooth bottom. They live in clean bodies of water that don’t have much of a current. They like it deep enough to cover their bodies but not too deep because they can’t swim. They also like a bottom that is easy to walk on. If there are too many rocks or bumps it can harm or slow the hippo. It also needs to be shallow enough that the young don’t drown in the water. As you can see hippos have a very particular (picky) habitat.

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