Raul Rivero of Miami - Opportunities through Success

Success has been a close friend to Raul Rivero of Miami. He has experienced great achievement because of his dedication and hard work that he has done throughout his career. A man of many industries, Raul Rivero of Miami established himself in real estate development, construction, and insurance. The insurance industry is one of the industries that Raul Rivero of Miami has achieved great success within and many would say where he performed best.

The success of Raul Rivero of Miami has opened up many opportunities for him throughout his career. One unique opportunity that he took advantage of was becoming a guest speaker. Rivero has become a regular speaker at some conference and was invited to speaker at his former university, Florida International University, at the School of Business annual Alumni Conference.

Another opportunity that arose for Raul Rivero of Miami is to be a part of a Joint Underwriting Association Board. The success that he had throughout his career in the insurance industry opened a door that Rivero was thrilled to join. In response to the insurance crisis of Florida, Governor Jeb Bush decided to start a board that would help the businesses of Florida. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Tom Gallagher, appointed Raul Rivero of Miami to be the governing board member of Florida’s Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Joint Underwriting Association Board. One of the thirteen members, Raul Rivero of Miami was proud to be chosen amongst the men and women from across the peninsula state of Florida.

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