The Outsiders' Playlist

Their Playlist Now

If the characters from "The Outsiders" were to listen to music that takes place during our modern era, they would listen to different kinds of modern music.

The song "Count on Me" relates to the theme of friendship in the book, "The Outsiders." This song, written and sung by Bruno Mars, relates to the way the Greasers and Socs, stick up for the other members of their gang. When any member of either the Greasers or the Socs, their members of their clique will help them. This was exemplified when Dallas Winston called the Curtis brothers to help him after he robbed a store. The Curtis brothers, along with Two-Bit Matthews, came to the place that Dallas suggested. They came to help a fellow member of their gang, just as any other person would do for their friend. The song lyrics, "You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there," relates to how the fellow members of the gangs in "The Outsiders" will always be there to help each other.

The song sung by Matisyahu, "Miracle," relates to the two members of the Greaser gang, Ponyboy and Johnny. The song relates to Ponyboy and Johnny because they both have to work through their struggles. Their main struggle was to not be caught by the police after Johnny killed the Soc, Bob. They needed strength to live in the abandoned Church with little supplies. The lyrics, "Keep moving through all this hustle," describes how Johnny and Ponyboy had to keep their heads up and not give up faith of being able to live their normal lives again. Also the lyrics, "Bound to stumble and fall," describe how Johnny and Ponyboy were struggling, but they knew that this was only part of life. They needed to use their strength to get through their problems.

The song "The Outsiders" by Eric Church relates to Dallas Winston. The song relates to how Dallas is an Outsider and is different from the others. He is always dealing with and causing trouble. Many people do not like him and he gets into fights often. The lyrics, "We're the other ones," relates to how Dallas is different. He broke more rules and was more of a lone man. He only liked one person truly, and that was Johnny. He was willing to die for him.

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