The Declaration

Mrs Berrisford-Shania Gordier

The main conflict/problem in this novel so far is the conflict between Peter and Anna.
Peter is a new surplus who has come to Grange Hall ,a place where illegal children go , also known as "surpluses", and is trying to tell Anna, who has been there almost her whole life, that he knows her parents. Anna is frusterated with Peter because she beyond hates her parents for what they did. Anna believes that she should not exist. Anna is trying to tune out Peter when he tells her that he personally knows Anna's parents is is sent there to get her back to them. Anna is denying that anything Peter is telling her is even close to being the truth. She blames her parents for everything she is going through, which i don't blame her. Anna believes that what Grange Hall and Mrs. Pinecent is doing to her and teaching them , is a good thing. Surpluses are taught that they can't be useful. She is always following the rules , besides her hidden journal. When Peter arrived things started to change a bit. Anna is not wanting to break any rules with Peter or even believe that he knows her parents. She think's her parents are in jail for having her , she think's he's crazy. A way this could be resolved is if Anna went with peter one night to see if he really does know her parents, that way she could possibly be free with her family. I would deal with this conflict just like that, because you would never know until you try.

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