Hernando Cortes

The conquer of the Aztecs!!!

Hernando Cortes was one of the great explorers that ever lived in the exploration times,Cortes had a big impact back then.


Cortes was the first man to go to the Aztec Empire and take them down with less than 1000 soldiers(the Aztecs had like 5 million soldiers OMG that's a lot).

Cortes went back home where he got the name “Marques del Valle de Oaxaca”

Cortes also went back home and found many new foods,art,technology ect.

Cortes also made millions of money by bring new things to his home and going on new adventures to conquer people that were messing with kind people.

Explorer Background

  • Nation born: Spain
  • Life Span: 1485-1547
  • Family: Spanish nobility his parents were Martin Cortes de Monroy and Catalina Pizarro Altamirano
  • Education: Well educated attended the university of Salamanca
  • Career: Spanish Conquistador and Explorer
  • Famous as: The spanish conqueror of Mexico and the Aztec Empire
  • Mistaken for Quetzalcoatl the light skinned, bearded God-King of the Aztecs - the 'Winged God - Feather Serpent’
  • Death: Died on December ,1547 near Seville


  • I think that Cortes really impacted the world back then because most of the people back then were attacked by the Aztecs and for Cortes to go out there and defeat millions of Aztecans it would’ve been amazing to come back and achieve something as great as that,millions of people would’ve been so proud of Cortes to defeat them and come back alive.

This map shows Cortes's route to get to the Aztec Empire!!

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