Final Projects

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Final Projects Mission 1!

Today you will FINALLY get to work on your project for the end of the cycle! But first, you get to check out some awesome examples.

1) Examples- SKILL-ISSUE

For your final project, you will pick the TECH SKILL you're most excited to work with, and an ISSUE that matters to you!

Watch Beth's Mission Vid!

Then, for the next 1o minutes, watch, listen, and view at least three of the example final projects below!

  • VIDEO!- Clean water access: Charity Water advertisement/PSA
  • SONG- Racism
  • SONG- Drugs
  • SONG- Hunger
  • APP- Drug abuse
  • PODCAST INTERVIEW/BLOG- Gender Inequality
  • PODCAST INTERVIEW/BLOG- Police Brutality
  • PHOTOS- Bullying
  • PHOTOS- Discrimination
  • ROBOT- Air Pollution
  • ROBOT- Bullying
  • ROBOT- Police brutality and street crime
  • 2) Comment  on at least one of the projects on Edmodo! How did the Innov8or use technology to address the issue?!??!

    3) Issue brainstorming!

    • Wait for yo' groups!
    • Pick one person to LEAD and WRITE your group ideas on chart paper!
    • Share IDEAS for REAL WORLD ISSUES or PROBLEMS that you could ADDRESS WITH: a video public service announcement, a song, a mobile app, a podcast or interviews, a photo project, or a robot.
    • List as many ideas as you can!!!

    4) Pick your group and propose an idea!

    Take the survey by clicking on the word "survey"! :)