Familiar Uses Of A Spreadsheet

Some types of spreadsheet that you might see often is a report card, Balancing a checkbook, and Calculating car loans.

Business uses for a spreadsheet  

In a business you could us e a spreadsheet to manage a payroll or financial statements.

Designing a spreadsheet

Cell – individual locations on a spreadsheet-(intersection of a row and column)

Column— identified by letters of the alphabet (vertical)-Column A refers to all of the contents in a vertical range of cells in the first column of the spreadsheet.

Row— identified by numbers (horizontal)-Row 3 refers to all of the contents in a horizontal range of cells on Row 3

Cell Specifics

A4:A16 refers to a group of adjacent cells
A Range is a group/block of cells.
example: A6:E16 refers to a range of cells in a specific spreadsheet.
Cell Address: a specific location
Cell A4 = Cell address-It is the Column letter and Row number.
The cell address is also called the cell reference.
Active cell:_The cell that is selected
It is the cell that is ready to receive information

What is a spreadsheet

A spreadsheet (or worksheet) is an arrangement of cells in columns and rows used to organize, analyze, calculate, and report information, usually in numerical form.

A workbook is a file which contains one or more spreadsheets.