by: Lebron James


I believe in the Greatness,
the Wins,
the Losses,
the Fans,
the Critics,
I Don’t Believe In Breaks.
I believe in Hardwork,
I believe in Patience,

I believe in God,And Myself

The Words I Live By

Da'Aharriase Watkins

My personal credo is greatness means the quality of being great i found this credo by my favorite basketball player Le’Bron James He plays for the Cleveland cavaliers I watching his videos on youtube and he said have greatness and i felt a certain feeling so it has been my motto every since

I think it Is Important To be Great So you Can Be The Best Of Your Beliefs And You wont Sell your Self For nothing Short And You Wont Cheat your Self Of Nothing And At the End Of The Day You Will Not Regret Yourself

I do not think my credo will change because greatness is the key to life and greatness can never grow old In the Future i might have more than one credo and one of them may be Yolo it means live life to full extent and have not regrets

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