When I Grow Up I Would Like To Be A Clothes Designer,Or A Nurse

By Teyarah Riggins

  • Get excellent sewing tuition I will have to be able to sew difficult fabric under challenging situation
  • Understand how fabrics moves, drape, breathe,react when worn. In-depth knowledge of fabric is absolutely essential And also need to know where to source materials from.
  • Learn from exiting designers, not just who they are but they background their signatures style the learning that they undertook
  • Learn how to create storyboards and product ranges being good at researching trends through media

To become a nurse I would have to get a high school diploma. while I'm In high school I will have to pay attention to my performance skills and interest in science course like Biology, Physiology, and Chemistry. I will have to complete an associate's degree in nursing. It only take two or three years to complete get a diploma from an accredited nursing program

Take the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse. This test is the nationally recognized licensing exam for registered nurse beyond having a breadth of knowledge in medicine. A nurse must have strong communication, skills, caring attitude, interest in working with people

Colleges I Will Attend To To Become A Nurse