U.S military will lead $750 million fight against Ebola in West Africa

Summary of article

The United States military is heading to West Africa to take charge in inspecting the Ebola outbreak which costs 750 million dollars. In Liberia there is a base to help with the transportation of supplies and equipment. The Pentagon is having engineers go to Liberia to set up multiple treatment centers for the virus.The more time spent planning the more time it gives the virus to spread. The virus is spreading so fast that there are not enough beds in the hospitals for everyone with the virus, so people are dying on the street. U.S officials are working hard and fast to get the supplies over to Liberia because it will take several weeks for the new treatment centers to be up and running. If it wasn't  for the United States and other countries sending supplies, the virus would spread even more quickly which would put the U.S in danger.


The two ideals that relate to this article are opportunity and equality.

Opportunity relates to this article because people in Liberia are getting the opportunity to live a longer and healthier life. More treatment centers are being set up in Liberia so everyone can get the treatment they need. Thousands of home healthcare kits are going to Liberia to help families protect themselves better from the virus. Equality also relates to this article because Obama is treating Africa like he would with the United states. Obama wouldn't be spending millions of dollars on equipment and supplies to be sent over to Liberia to treat Ebola if he wasn't treating them equally. With the supplies and equipment treatment centers will be set up along with a separate hospital for doctors who get ill. There will also be a training center to help train people how to treat the patients safely.

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