Email Etiquette Assignment.

Elena ,Miss Johansen’s and 10-3-13

Main idea



List 3 things that you

should not do in an


1)Bullied people

2)Don’t leave title blank.

3)Blackmailing.Other people that is not nice.

Annoy other people can not do the bullied to the other kids.That is mean and rude and selfish to other people why don’t you do anything about it teacher.

Explain at least 2

reasons not to use ALL CAPS.

1)No more space.

2)Only use it one.

This is online scream online. They should never use all caps on everything.

What should you

consider when you

add attachments to an


Don’t answer it at all if it is from nobody that means it is from someone.

They mean whatever that things is called again stand for emailing other in a rude way they don’t even know you it was from.

What are some


consequences of

sending inappropriate

text or pictures in any

format. (e.g. texting,

emailing, social media)

That will be a bad thing to do if you do you will get in trouble for doing it that is bad. If you said that you did not send it then who did then.

They said to stand still. It can’t be impossible to stand still in the game they are playing that was yesterday they had fun there where ever they were at like at a tea party or something.

What are 3 ways to

react to being bullied

or witnessing

someone else being

bullied online?

1)It is easy to misunderstand.

2)Be clear what you say.

3)Don’t text while you mad don’t send it at all if you do they will text right why are you mad at me.They will get mad at you. They will also chase you to.

They should never be a bullied to the other kids.If they don’t stop go tell the Teacher or someone that is close to you. You should go to them to tell that kid over there is being rude to the other kid.

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