Narrative 6

neutral mask

the neutral mask unit is my favorite unit so far it unlocks the cage of individuality while it is true that in society individuality is key sometimes it also binds us with a neutral mask I seize to be Danny O'Connell from The United States Of America and instead become human from everywhere without the mask or even with a character mask i can become one person and only one and even then i am merely playing the role with a neutral mask encompassing the general features of the human being yet leaving out individual facial features allowing me to become humanity as a whole from that one guy who discovered the wheel to that one guy who will invent faster than light travel i become Humanity i believe that that is why many feel less self conscious about there masked actions because they have all there ancestors and all there descendants silently agreeing YES THIS IS WHAT IS DONE THIS MAY NOT BE NORMAL BUT IT MUST BECOME THAT WAY the mask is as i have realized from this unit quite possibly the most valuable piece of communication we as human beings have it is the instant power and ability to represent and represent accurately the will of a species when you move you have the power of all those who have come before you and when you explore you have the intention of all those who will come after you the mask removes you from humanity only in that it makes you into humanity itself the mask is creepy (to some) for its ambiguity but not the ambiguity of the person but the ambiguity of people being presented with a neutral masked person silently judging you instantly brings up the question have i done right by my fellow man will i be remembered in the grand scheme of things and have a voice behind that mask or will i be forgotten and drowned out by the thoughts of "greater men" the mask represents the inferiority of a man compared to the superiority of mankind the mask is telepathic comunication the mask is power over anything and everything you can survey the mask is fact! everything on this earth dies eventually but the mask is eternal.