Maple Syrup Weekend!

In which I actually did something interesting.

I surprised myself and the entire universe by walking out of the house this weekend. I thought I wouldn't see daylight at all—but I actually went out almost every day of the four-day weekend! And, I'll admit it, I had a blast.

1.) Maple Syrup—On Sunday, my brother was volunteering at the pancake eating contest, and I went with him, because, well, pancakes. They were some of the most delicious pancakes I’d ever tasted! And I took a photo of the maple syrup bottle as quickly as I could. I wanted to take a picture of my pancakes, but…I’d already eaten them all :I

2.) Community—Friday was the day I spent the most out in town. I was walking around looking at garage sales with my mom when I spotted some friends, and we all went to the carnival together. I rode the Extreme! Luckily, I didn’t puke. But I was very, very close.

3.) Service/Hospitality—On Friday, when I was waiting for my mother, I browsed through the outside market that took up the entirety of the front of the school. I found some really awesome stuff! (I even bought a tote.) I bought some popcorn from this stand, and since the man was providing a service to me I asked if I could get a picture. He agreed, on the condition that I keep out his face. I tried my best! :)

4.) Entertainment—the carnival was fun, but I found the most entertainment browsing through the art and craft shows. It’s one of my favorite places to be! I took many pictures of all of the amazing things up for sale, but this one I chose because of how vivid the colors look on those flowers. They took my breath away.

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