of mice and men behind closed doors

by Brianna Beals

Carlson soils his pants  after  falling in a pile of manure while changing his cloths he notices a small  leather satchel on George's bed . He immediately throws it open and finds over $100 in bills and coins inside. He looks  up just in time to see candy standing in the doorway with his ancient dog. Candy  bombarded in the room staggering in with his dog holding a beer in his left hand; he took another sip until he realized Carlson.  After candy  came there to realize  Carlson's appearance he sat still momentarily skeptical of his thoughts and what had appeared in front of him.

Candy  sat back uneasily blinking  to make  sure he was in his right mind  and  making sure that everything the saw was true. Before candy had entered  the room he had been drinking hearty with the boss and the other ranch hands. uncertain of the things he saw he surely made out that it had been Carlson taking the money out George money satchel. 

"Well, lookie here;looks like we done got our self a sneak thief" Candy mumbled  dropping his empty beer can on the floor

" I-Its not what it looks like". Carlson gestured ; I was jus-

"I know what you were just doing " candy snapped back. You thought you were going to get away with stealing George  and Lennie's money huh' ya know what Carlson I see right threw ya' and ya know what Carlson your really not to much of a nice guy; you tried to tell me to  shoot my dog to but em' out of his misery and now you gonna' just come in here and  steal there money and leave?

"I wasn't stealing no money candy , I just found myself a'bit curious of what was in them boys bag".

 Candy now frustrated with the bum steer  started to fluster about in frustration.candy started throwing his hands up mimicking Carlson.

" I see right threw ya and you are yeller; you pink bellied fish said candy  stepping forward with his hook hand emphasizing at every point he made".

Carlson leaned forward trying to defend himself" look here old man I never intended on stealing anything  from George and Lennie. Carlson clearly annoyed by candy's immaturity continued

" All I was doing was checking up on em new guys. "Carlson stated

"Ya ya Carlson'' candy threw his hands up in frustration

Carlson sat the satchel back and headed toward his area of the room to remove his dirty soiled pants  he had left on the white unpainted floor tiles and headed for the door.

"Not so fast Carlson!" candy held up his hook. You're not gonna take that money cause I am! me and my dog are gonna get out of here before you dispose of us both!...i know what you have planned for us; that's why I'm going to take the money and leave; now we can do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Carlson clenched his fist and took a step towards candy

"I'll take it the hard way candy" said Carlson

Carlson over powered candy and pulled him on-top of the table holding a firm grip on candy's buttoned shirt. candy's dog ran over biting Carlson leg then he kicked him, candy's dog then  lay clumped  in a ball on the floor.

"You know what I'm really tired of you and that dog and you know what we do with things not needed  anymore ?...we dispose of them!"

Candy then slashed a dash on Carlson's face with his hook . Carlson lay flopping on the floor with his hand covering his face. Carlson got up charging at candy  throwing him so hard across the room he hit his head on the bunk. Candy lay still unconscious on the floor. Carlson thought he had won the fight between him and candy when he was then hit in the head by the apple box from above slims bed.  Candy walked over to George's bed  and approached the money satchel . Carlson once again stood up uneasy this time taking the raggedy patch up blanket from his bunk and suffocated candy ; Candy lay there trying to fight back  but unluckily did not succeed .Carlson continued to hold the position until there was no signs of movement . Candy lay still limp on the bed while Carlson took the blanket and wrapped Candy's body in it.  and opened the window to dispose of candy ruins .

Two days later:

The ranch hands once again sat at the table playing a game of cards.
"Aye you say what ever happen' to that old man candy haven't seen him around in a while you say said  slim

Everyone looked around in approval noticed no one seemed to know were he has went

"Rumor has it all the men  say  he was saving up money from day one to move  with his dog into his own house with his own land"said curley

"On the flatta the lan george" said lennie

"No Lennie,on his own ranch"said george

" Well all I got to say is oh well wasn't much need of him" said Carlson

Well may be the guy decided he just up and leave  George said say how did you say you got that scratch on you face?

"Oh I just cut a'lil to deep with my razor" Carlson said while looking out the window. Carlson sat  back with a wicked grin on his face  which reminded him he had to bury the body that still remained just outside the window

"Hmm that's weird  George said getting up looking in his satchel  were the hell is ma money? The old man musta took my money and out and left. Say if I ever see that old fella again imma put a cap in em for stealin me and Lennie's money".

But really little did he know it was Carlson that stole and hid  George money and planned to leave with it .