The filthy chronological journey

Here is where our journey begins. After the water is screened, it is mixed and split off into 5 basins.

This is the stage where the majority of the treatment takes place. The 5 aeration basins contain millions and millions of bacteria. They use aerobic digestion to break down waste.

The pumps pictured above were responsible for pumping the air into the aeration basins.
Why do we use these you ask?
Bacteria NEEDS  the air to help with the process of breaking down the waste, which, in their case, is food!! :)'s what it looks like. Every day, 4 feet of excess bacteria and "bio-mass" are added to this tank. This keeps the bacteria population from growing too large and shutting down the entire waste water treatment plant. Now...on to the clarifiers.

Here is where our aeration journey ends, and the next step begins.

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