Setting Instructional Outcomes

Cooperative Learning Groups
Testing Arrangements

The arrangement of seating has a great impact upon the student's learning, therefore a lot of thought was put into seating of all students.  There were many different seating charts that were used in my classroom in order to meet the needs of all students.  Student seating is arranged by; Cooperative Learning Groups,  Testing Spots, Free Seating, Discussion Groups were frequently used.  Students with special needs were always given preferential seating.


Students work in groups, with partners, and individually.  Peer tutoring is also used in the classroom.  All grouping is based on the needs of the individual student.

Group Activities

Personalized Instruction

Peer Tutoring, Technology, and Reading Buddies

Silent Sustained Reading

Morning Reading Time--Favorite time of the day

Silent Sustained reading, was a favorite time of the day for many of my students.  This time was an opportunity to relax and read books that the children loved.  During silent sustained reading, the books were student chosen.  This allowed them the enjoy reading for the sake of reading!

Students were often grouped by their reading levels.  During this time they were encouraged to share and discuss among themselves.  The reading often lead to various writing activities.