Imagery The Martian Chronicles

The third Expedition:48

"From every house in the street came little solemn processions, bearing long boxes, weeping came from the grandmas and mothers and sisters and brothers and uncles ands fathers, in the churchyard holes were freshly dug and tombstones installed."


The Summer Night:16

"As quiet as a cool and black well,with stars shinning in the canal waters, and breathing in every room, the curled with their spiders in closed hands, the lovers in arm in arm, the moons gone, the torches cold."


The Musicians:88

"Swinging their grocery bags full of clean watery green onions sand odorous liverwurst and red catsup and white bread, they dared each other singing ''first on gets the kick."


The earth men:18

"Outside the immerse blue Martian sky was hot and still as prehistoric mud pot waves of heat rising and shimming there was a small rocket reclining upon a hilltop nearby.''


The Moon be still as Bright:53

"Spender was on his feet, over the fire, and alongside Biggs before anyone moved. He hit Biggs once on the teeth and once on the ear. Biggs toppled and fell into the canal waters. After the splash Spender waited for Biggs to climb up onto the stone bank."


The Off Season:133

"Best hot dogs on the two worlds. First men on Mars with a hot dog stand. The best onions, chili, and mustard. You cant say I'm not alert."


The Night Meeting:83

"The stars were white and sharp beyond the flesh of the Martian, and they were sewn into his flesh like scintilla swallowed into the thin, phosphorescent membrane of a gelatinous sea fish. You can see stars flickering like violet eyes in the Martian's stomach and chest, and through his wrists, like jewelry."

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I really like the first one