“Marine guard shot to death by colleague at NC base”

A Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina is being held in custody for reportedly shooting and fatally wounding one of his colleagues. Sources tell us the Marine used an M4 rifle to commit the crime. The events took place at the main gate of a North Carolina base. Nat Fahy, a Camp Lejeune Spokesman said that the Marine shot his associate in a guard shack Tuesday afternoon. Emergency personnel attempted to revive the wounded victim. Unfortunately the victim, who was hit by one shot, was pronounced dead at a base hospital soon after. Even though this event happened less than a week after the Fort Hood Shooting in Texas Nat Fahy said, "It's important that we convey that this is not a Fort Hood-like incident."

I found this Article to be very insightful. I understand that not everyone is going to find this article to be interesting but it is important however that we stay informed about events like these that are happening in our own state. I say that because very recently there was a shooting in Texas where three died and 16 were wounded.. So we need to start questioning whether we can trust our own people. The people who have signed up to protect our country and our people are doing the opposite of what they signed up for. I also understand that there is psychological trauma and other mental illnesses that come from working in this field. So are we providing these people with the proper help they need whether it be through therapy or medication. I believe there need to be more supervision and also more assessments should be done to determine whether these people have the mental capacity to continue working in this field.


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