What is the Truth of Christopher Columbus

Most people think of Christopher Columbus as the great discoverer of America and a happy man who went back to Spain to live the rest of his life.  But, that is not even close to the truth.

Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain on August 3, 1492 on a ship called the Santa Maria.  The Santa Maria was one of the three ships that were on the voyage.  The other two were the Nina and the Pinta.

On October 11, 1493, Columbus spotted the Caribbean islands.  In search of gold and riches, Columbus explored the islands, Hispaniola, Cuba, The Bahamas and several other islands.

When he reached the islands though, he was not alone.  Already living there, were native Americans, which he called Indians because he thought he was in India.  This is where most people get it wrong.  Most people think that Columbus randomly came across the natives, and started to trade with them.  That, is a big lie that you might have learned in second grade. What really happened is the the picture above.  

Columbus had a second voyage to the new world where he explored some more small islands.  Before, leaving he left his brothers, Bartholomew and Diego, to govern Hispaniola.  By his third voyage, the conditions in Hispaniola had gotten really harsh.  The settlers there had accused Columbus of misleading them, and leaving them in the god forbidden island in near-mutiny.

Columbus managed to persuade King Ferdinand to let him go on a fourth voyage where he would bring back the promised riches.  His fourth voyage was rather unsuccessful.  Some of his ships got wrecked and Columbus along with his men were stranded on the island of Cuba.  Later, he was rescued by a search party.  He lived his last two years of his life, with his family in Spain, miserably.  In conclusion, Columbus did not discover America, and he did destroy the Native Americans of the Caribbean.  

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