Costa Rica

By: Hailey Embacher

Capital: San José

Three main cities in Costa Rica:

  1. San José
  2. Limón
  3. Puntarenas

Exports & Imports


Elected Integrated Circuits, Parts and accessories for office machines, bananas and Plantains Datas (Fruits), pineapples


Electronic integrated circuits, Petroleum oils, refined Electronic print Circuits, Medicaments, packaged parts and accessories for office machines


Colón (Colones) 1 American dollar = 520 Colones

Tourist Attractions

San José

San José is the Capital of Costa Rica and the largest city. Many people visit San José for there historical and is a modern city in the middle of everything so you can easily go tho other places around it.

Arenal Volcano

Is the perfect spot for nature, most active volacnoes in the world, it includes hot springs, waterfalls, forests, lakes, caves and beautiful traditional towers like La Fortuna.

Manuel Antonio Beach

South of Quepos on the Pacific Coast. It is the combination of rain forests, coral reefs and beaches. It is Costa Ricas smallest national Park. Considered most beautiful spot in the country. It is the main attraction in the area because the view and the biodiversity.

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