Confucianism Creator

This is a picture of the ruler Confucius. He lived a certain way before other people started following Confucianism. He believed that people should be educated, and should respect their elders. He also believed that people should govern as little as possible. He didn't believe in dictators.

Confucius believed that people should respect their elders. He believed that they had more intelligence because they had been around longer than others. He believed they were the key to a good society.

Confucius also valued education. He believed that good leaders were people with knowledge. Upperclassmen had to take a "test" that would prove how much they know. It didn't matter if they were born an upperclassmen, they still had to take the test.

This picture represents how Confucius believed in peace. He didn't like the thought of war and he believed that people should treat others the way they wanted to be treated. This is pretty much the opposite of legalism.

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