Arabian peninsula

The Sarawat Mountains are the mountains running parallel to the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula they are part of the reason most of the land is desert. They are also the tallest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula. you should make sure to bring the proper clothes if going to the mountain the positioning makes them cold due to the winds, I don't know why you would want to go there though high up if you fall you will die. You should also bring something to keep you dry they get a lot of rain and you don't want a cold on a mountain, you might be climbing and sneeze then fall off a cliff.

These are the vast deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. The top photo contains a picture of a caravan ,a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, traveling together across a desert, they use camels to travel because they are the only animal that can carry all of their stuff and survive with out water for three to four months as long as they get the juices from the things they eat. so you know if you ever find your self wandering into the desert get your self a camel. you also want loose clothing unless you find slowly roasting alive fun. You might also want to bring lots of water because you know you kinda need it to live and there is like no water  in the desert.

This is one of the oases in the Arabian deserts they are rare but contain a lot of water and vegetation because of the under ground water supply. When you are wandering in the desert with that camel of yours and you happen to stumble upon an oasis then stay there. you and your camel will need rest and food there are palm and peach trees in oases so  you could restock on food and sleep there.but don't sleep under a palm tree you could get hit with a coconut they can kill you and then what would you camel do think about your camel.

Caracals  up their

Last we have the coastal plain  now in Arabia the heat and wet air collide creating a fog so you can usually only see 33 feet in front of you this fog provides all the plants with water so although it rarely rains the flora thrives. Though it is a beautiful place and I bet you would love to live here you should not. Unless you can deal with the wolves, hyena, and caracals attacking your camel. you know I bet the Winchesters could liver here, so unless your related to the Winchesters don't live here it's not safe.