Best 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Reviews

Top quality brands of 4 gallon backpack sprayers for your garden and yard.  

The comfortable shoulder straps make work so much easier.  You have your hands free, it's easier to carry and you get more done.  The 4 gallon tank allows you to cover a lot of ground in one go.

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Hudson is one of the most popular sprayers.

  • Sprays for 10 hours on a single battery charge. Includes AC charger that completely charges battery in 9 hours
  • PVC power sprayer style hose. Powerful piston pump. Viton seals and gaskets. Left or right handed pumping action
  • Large poly shut-off valve - comfortable thumb-operated
  • Extra long 20-inch fiberglass/poly spray wand
  • Bonus nozzle system with 4 different spray settings

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Affordable Chapin bleach backpack sprayer.

  • Adjustable cone and fan nozzles included
  • Padded adjustable straps
  • 4-inch large opening with removable strainer
  • Poly spray handle
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When used properly, commercial sprayers can help groundskeepers maintain their properties more efficiently. Sprayers can hold various solutions and chemicals to control pests, plant growth, bacteria and other elements that affect a property's landscaping. When solutions are applied with a sprayer wand, this ensures even application which can be regulated by the person using the equipment.

There is a variety of chemicals and solutions that can be applied to any property. The application of pesticides to destroy insects and molds or fungi on plants is important to properties where appearance and health of plant materials is paramount. For example, shrubbery that is chewed up by moths, insects and other bugs can be salvaged with organic and chemical applications. Spreading them evenly in specific areas can prevent an additional problem or save the plant from dying. Spraying grass, plants, trees or surfaces can also act as an inhibitor to keep insects such as ants or ticks from congregating and infesting an area. When using professional sprayers, groundskeepers should follow all regulations regarding pesticides and pesticide applications. The sprayer containers should be used for only one type of chemical and labeled accordingly. The container should also be cleaned regularly in between uses. This prevents any cross-contamination or chemical reactions which can cause safety risks and environmental hazards. When a solution is added to the sprayer, some models mark the tanks in metric measurements as well as standard gallons and pints to ensure the proper mixture.

Using professional sprayers for several hours at a time can be taxing. There are many features now available to make the user more comfortable. On backpack models, for example, the shoulder straps should have cushioned adjustable straps. Comfort grips on handles and ergonomic designs for handheld and backpack models also make the job easier.

Commercial sprayers are available in two main styles, handheld or backpack. Like many types of commercial outdoor power equipment, many workers prefer to use a backpack. This evenly distributes the weight and prevents the user from getting blisters or hand cramps. Many backpacks have a support frame on the bottom that makes it easier to set down securely in an upright position when the applicator is taking a break to reload or to examine an area. For those with back problems or who have a lighter body weight, the handheld version is preferred. Handheld styles usually offer grips on the handles, which increases safety and makes it easier to maneuver the machine. Article Source:

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