My PAAC Digital Portfolio

Jennifer Urbano   period : 4

1. Fashion design

In this i learned in this fashion unit the different clothing types of examples , they all have a different texture. Another thing i learned was how to properly wash the types of clothing because there is a certain way your supposed to clean certain types.

2. photoshop

I learned how to use photoshop blending in the two objects to look as one. Doing this i first started off with the background image. Next i used the layers to lay them on top the first image. During putting the pug on top of the shark i wanted to add shark teeth to the pug , so i had to erase the shark till i was left with just the shark teeth. Next i wanted to add a sea turtle. In order to this i had to the same thing and erase the background till i was left with just the turtle left. At the end my photo looked as one image and realistic.

3. Desktop Publishing/Pages

I learned that when doing this you had to put your logo. Another important step to this is writing all your information such as the title and the details below because this is a flyer. I also had to add images so they can visualize how the bakery food will look. I also had to but a white rectangle on top the coupon so i can write on it myself. I also was able to change fonts in this and adjust them the sizes i want such as bold so it would stand out. I also was able to tai a bar code from the web and dragged it on top my coupon so it'll look realistic.

4. Video Production

I learned were to put the shots were they belong such as the slow-motion , the closeup or wide shots. I organized the trailer by putting the outline to edit how the words will go along with the clips. I also had to put the certain angles in the storyboard so it'll make sense.

5. Game Design

I learned in this game unit the different types of games such as action , adventure , competitive and many more. Another thing i learned was the 5 elements of the game. The elements basically how to play the game correctly. An example is the goal , which meant what was the goal in the game in order to pass. Another example was the rules  , what were the rules how to lay properly and win.

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