"Courage Is Not Shown By Wounds But By Actions"

Red Badge of Courage by Steven Crane

The Red Badge of Courage takes place during the Civil War. Henry was eighteen years old when he enlisted. At that time eighteen was the youngest age to enlisted, which most of the enlisted people were around 18-21.

This is an example of a poster you would see.

Henry and his friend Wilson saw that thier flag carrier died. So they grabbed the flag and carried it.

A flag carrier.

Henry was apart of the 304th regiment. The battles take place are the Battles of Chancellorsville.

Artwork of the battle.

The regiment's colonel called their regiment "mud diggers." He said though that Henry and Wilson are the best fighters in it.

Best Fighters.

Henry got scared at the sight of his enemy charging. Thinking there would be no way of living this fight, he ran.

Confederate charging.

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