Mariana Sanchez Hour 4th

I choose the word technology because the Industrial Revolution had a big impact on technology today. Back during the times of the Industrial Revolution technology started getting very popular. Imagine how easy it is for you to get clothes today right? Well thats all thanks to technology, although it wasn't always like this back then it would take forever to get one coat or a nice dress. The process of making clothes out of wool would be very difficult because first the would have to shave it off the sheep then skilled people would have to turn it into fabric and the clothes making just goes on from there by hand. That was a real pain until technology was invented to help. It made machines that turned the sheep fur into yarn and all that good stuff. Though it wasn't so advanced like we have it today. Technology would still have some problems and some downfalls to it. For example if you worked at a factory at a cutting machine, you had to be very careful not to get a piece of hair or clothing caught in the machine or you could easily lose a body part or even die. Medicine wasn't so advanced as it is today so if you got very sick or maybe a body part cut off all that can lead you to your death so you have to be very careful if you worked there. Another reason why I choose that technology had a big impact on the Industrial Revolution is technology started advancing. It was getting noticed around these times and more and more people started to use it and inventing new things with it. For example, when the water-powered wheel was invented a lot of factories started using them. The used technology to get the river to power the machines by building a damp in the river, which lead to the machines and powered them, while the water got sent back to the river so there was nothing getting wasted. For these reasons I choose the word technology and why I thought it had a big impact on the Industrial Revolution.

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