Listen to this song while learning about Tin!


Keeps You Alive For More Than "Tin" Days

                    - Boiling Point- 2270.0 °C
                    - Melting Point-  231.9 ° C
                    - 4 Valence Electrons
                    - 50 Electrons and Protons
                    - 69 Neutrons
                    - silvery-white metal
                    - not corrosive from distilled sea water
                    - malleable
Cheesy Joke: A proton and a neutron are walking down the street. The proton says, "Wait, I dropped an electron help me look for it." The neutron says "Are you sure?" The proton replies "I'm positive."
Common Uses:
                    - kitchen utensils/ items
                    - spray recipients
                    - shaving cream
                    - ink cans
                    - clips
                    - electronic components
                    - pins
                    - toothpaste
                                 NEED TIN!!!!
             You need tin in your life for more than the "tin" days! On this journey tin will be very helpful because you can use it to protect yourself from the demon aliens that might come after you with hard tin! You could definitely trade this with people. They will totally want it to protect themselves also with some tin. Also tin is great for cooking or eating with. It even is used in toothpaste. If you don't need it then you should still buy it, and everyone will want it from you and you can get other things you need in trade. Tin is just a super awesome item to have with you at all times!        

Need Skills!

Social Need- Tin is so easy to trade! Like who doesn't want a metal that you can melt or shape into other things?

Functional Need- You could make your house out of tin if you needed to! If it was raining any substance or subjects you could make tin into an umbrella and it will not effect you! Your totally covered!

Defensive Need- You can pound any creature with a stick of tin! You can beat up anything with you stick of tin! You can make a stick of tin into anything you would like to protect you!  Like the one below!

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