pAUl rabil's lacrosse shoot

By: Quinn Black  and Gabe Gonzales

Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil has one of the fastest lacrosse shoots in the world lets see how.

Paul Rabil's lacrosse shot is so fast because of three things. The wind up , hip and shoulder motion ,and follow through. Paul gets so much velocity on the ball because of his windup which creates potential energy. The force of his hips and shoulders rotating forward creates the kinetic energy which is applied to the ball which gives it speed. the follow through which is driven by gravity is what gives the ball direction and spin. another reason why Paul Rabil's lacrosse shot is so fast is because he is massive, the bigger you are in lacrosse the faster you can shoot. the ball is smooth which makes it break the wind and be more aerodynamic. the ball gets energy from the mechanical energy which is applied from his hips and shoulders. the energy starts in his hips, then to his shoulders, then to the stick, then to the ball.