Your 1 word

This is where you will put the project title, your name, and hour

You need to decide on a ONE WORD SUMMARY of the industrial revolution (effects, innovations, etc).  Write a paragraph defending your one word, using primary & secondary sources for evidence.  Type the paragraph in a Google Doc.  Once it is complete you can copy and paste it into your Tackk.  You should be utilizing the PEEL strategy to write your paragraph. Then, once the paragraph is finished and inserted, find an illustration to go with your paragraph.  Your one word summary would be evident in the picture you choose and each (your word and picture) would tie into the paragraph you construct.  If you complete these steps and have extra time you may want to consider adding a video to your Tackk as well, however, this is not a required element.  Once you are finished copy and paste the link to your Tackk into the Google form below.