The Comet's Curse

By: Dom Testa

One regular day can change very quickly. There is a disease going around from a comet called Bhaktul, and is affecting everyone 18 and older.


      There are lots of characters in the book. Two of my favorites are Triana and Channy. Triana would be a good friend because she is smart, nice, and brave. I also think that Channy would be a good friend because she likes sports, she's funny, and she is also really friendly.


      I wouldn't like to live in the setting of The Comet's Curse because they are on a space ship trying to find some other planet to live on. On earth, there is a disease going around that affects everyone 18 and older, so 251 of Earth's brightest teens are going to another planet where they can be safe and not affected by the disease.



      The conflict in the book is that a crew member named Peter claims he saw a person in the storage section of the ship. Some of the other people on the ship think that he is just making things up, but he is convinced he saw something. After hearing this, some of the crew members try to figure out who is on the ship. After reading a strange note, saying that they are on a "death ship", they realize that someone else is really on the ship. They decide that the worst part of it is that one of them could have written the note and not a stranger. One of the 251 teens could be the one who Peter saw, and the one who wrote the note. But is it?


      The conflict in my book is resolved when some of the crew members find clues that prove that there is someone  else on the ship. Triana gets an email from the mysterious person, asking her to come meet him. Some of her friends think that it's not a good idea for her to go meet the person, but she still has a decision to make. Either go and find out who the person is, or don't go and have the person possibly do more damage to their ship.

                                                             About the author

Dom Testa is an award-winning author, broadcaster, and speaker. He currently lives in Colorado, and he has been hosting a radio show for more than 20 years on Denver's Mix 100.  That radio show is The Dom and Jane Show.


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