Mobile Learning Apps

This is a flyer that outlines different mobile learning iOS apps that students can use inside and outside of the classroom to assist them in various science related topics.

Periodic Table of the Elements

This app is similar to a standard periodic table of elements, however this version is much more useful for chemistry in the classroom. This is true because rather than cramming all the information needed in a tiny square, the student can simply click on the desired element to receive information about the element such as chemical family, atomic number, electronegativity, etc. This app can be useful in a high school classroom setting because not all students can see the typical periodic table poster in the classroom therefore this app allows students to have their own electronic version of the periodic element table right at their desk.  

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards can be used as a great study tool! They are similar to ordinary flash cards except that these flash cards aren't as bulky as paper ones. They are color coordinated and cover all areas of the body. This app uses pins to indicate each body part; the pins can then be touched to reveal the answer. If the student wanted extra information on the specific body part, the flash card will flip over and outline the important functions of that particular body part. In addition, this app has the ability to quiz the student on their knowledge of anatomy. This is an app that can be used by a student who needs to review and/or study their anatomy on the go. This is a great example of a technology which a behaviorist could use to enhance drill and practice.

AP Biology

AP Biology app was created to decrease the amount of time that a student needed to learn new terms and definitions related to biology. This app can also be used by the student to review and study terms and definitions. This app includes flash cards, quizzes and keeps track of the student's progress statistics. Again, this is an excellent example of a technology that can assist in the learning of a behaviorist because it reinforces memorization through drill and practice.


goREACT is a free app that allows student to virtually create their own reactions. This app can be used in the classroom as a tool to replace experiments that are too dangerous to take place in the classroom. Not only can students attempt to create their own reactions but the app will also make suggestions/hints regarding which ingredient may be missing so that a reaction will actually occur. This is a great tool because it allows for student initiative and exploration in chemistry without blowing up the classroom.  

Organic Chemistry - High School 2

This app is a great example of a study tool for high school students because it allows them to  easily review the material clearly. This app can be used in a review lesson or by a student who chooses to study at home. This app includes all the molecular structures that students need to know at the high school level. Therefore it covers and reviews alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, carboxylic acid, etc.

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