by Cynthia Rylant

Hannah Moore, core 2, 10-8-14

food city (1967)

They were falling in love...

The red head girl was shy, preppy, and outgoing while the checkout boy was nervous, and quirky. But yet, she still fell for him in the checkout line.

A family moved to Cincinnati for the history of the house. The young red-haired girl didn't know anyone and so one day she went grocery shopping for her parents, and when she went into the checkout line, her and the checkout boy had an instant connection, after that they were soon inseparable.  

If you were the girl would you of went back to the store?

i recommend this story for you because it is short but so fascinating. I think the story was unique in its own way and had a satisfying story because it taught you that you didn't have to have a million friends- all you need is that one person.  

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