What does it mean to be trustworthy?


TRUST RULE #1: We can only believe or trust our friends when they always tell the truth, keep their promises, and are nice to us.

Did Buzz trust Howard? Yes, Buzz trusted Howard because Howard was a good friend.

Whom can you trust in your house and at school?

Do your friends trust you?

Did Buzz have bad friends? Yes. Kiki, Oinky and Poochie weren’t nice; they cheated, lied, broke things, and got him in trouble.

Did Buzz trust the bad friends? Only in the beginning. Once he learned the rules he stopped trusting the bad friends.What is the difference between a good friend and a bad one?

TRUST RULE #2: If old friends start lying or hurting us we stop trusting them—we don’t believe what they say anymore. If they want us to trust them again they will have to repeat being nice and truthful many, many times.

Can we trust new kids we just met?

Trust Rule #3- Trust is Earned! You have to wait to see if your friends are nice for sure.


STRANGER DANGER: We never speak to strangers and never, but never accept anything strangers want to give us unless a grownup we know says it’s OK. Why is that? Because we can’t tell if strange people are nice or not, if they want to hurt us and take us away or not. So if a stranger is trying to talk to you, RUN! Run away as fast as you can, even if the stranger says things like “come help me find my puppy,” “come here; I have cool things to give to you,” or “come inside my ice cream truck.”We always say no to strangers even if they say we are not nice and they don’t like us! Saying no to strangers make us super strong and powerful!